November 12, 2008


I have a bunch of large cotton dishcloths/washcloths in stock at Crochet Funtime, the 8 by 8 size is great for washing dishes, cleaning up the kitchen...
They're Tunisian stitch, so are twice as dense as regular crochet. These washcloths have durability, scrubbability and are way cuter than that boring old sponge.

I've also stocked several smaller sized about 4x5) versions at my Etsy shop. These are just the same scrubby, durable washcloths, just a bit smaller. The 4x5 size is great for dishes and cleaning but is also the perfect size for showering and for use as a face cloth.

Coming soon: Tiny versions of my washcloth pattern, great for makeup removal, toner application or as my son has found, great for teething babies to chew on!

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