November 16, 2008

New Product - Nice Paks!

Monday morning I'm debuting my new product Nice Paks.
They are natural no-mess alternatives to ice packs.
Why use those blue goo-filled cold packs or drippy plastic bags filled with ice when you can pop a Nice Pak into the freezer and use it instead!
Nice Paks have cotton flannel pillowcase style covers which are removable and washable. Inside is a muslin bag filled with flaxseed and herbs.
Right now at Crochet Funtime I'm offering two herbal options, soothing chamomile flowers and invigorating peppermint leaves.

Coming soon: Breathy Bags! Same idea as the Nice Paks but instead of herbs, Breathy Bags are filled with 100 percent organic menthol crystals. Breathy Bags work like no-mess, no-goo menthol balm. These are great for stuffy noses. Menthol crystals work to clear out your sinuses and airways with their cool, crisp aroma.

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