June 23, 2008

Hedgehog Collaboration

Go check out this awesome collaboration between Jennifer at Natural Madison and I.

What you get:
A Hedgie hand-painted tee and prefold set. Both have been dyed with real coffee for a natural light tan color, and painted using acrylic-based artist paints.

Prefold is Chinese style DSQ (made by Thirsties) and is 100% unbleached cotton. Infant sized, 12x16", 7-15lbs. Tee is 100% cotton, sized 3-9 months (made by Gerber).

We have also included a copy of the children's book, The Happy Hedgehog, by Marcus Pfister.

My part of the set:


Lori said...

he is stinking adorable!!

Jessica said...

So cute right! And that collab FINALLY sold.
Gah! Economy!

debdills said...

are you making any more of these guys?