March 29, 2008

On the side...

In addition to making crocheted items, I also dabble in sewing. This is a recent hobby of mine and I'm nowhere near as good as the WAHMs who sell their sewn wares on HyenaCart, but I'm getting good enough to make a go at items for my own kids.
And really, isn't that where it all starts??

Anyway, I've made a bunch of one-size flannel diapers for our new baby, due in May. In the beginning they were VERY basic, two layers of flannel sewn together, turned inside out and topstitched. BASIC.
Then I started sewing in hidden layers of flannel and soaker panels. They seemed more absorbant.
I was also experimenting with outer layers of knit cotton instead of flannels, it added to the cute factor, there are SO many cute knit prints! I also did a few with fleece outers, theoretically, these ones will be waterproof, theoretically.
Then I took a looooong break from diaper making.

Last night and today I made EIGHT diapers!!
All flannel inners and outers with sewn in internal soaker panels. All eight are basically the exact same diaper, just different fabrics.
For your viewing pleasure, here's the bunch...

Camo frogs, on my tester and model secured with a Snappi (there's two of these)

Vintage airplanes, one of these and enough fabric to make one more

Regular camo, two of these

Monkeys at Play, one of these and enough fabric to make one more

Monkeys with Hearts, two of these

Close up of one of the monkeys

A look at the inside...

Edited Sunday afternoon to add new diapers!
BOTH of my kids took looooong naps today so I am happy to say that I got to take a nice long shower AND finish up with most of my diaper making!
I made another eight diapers, finishing up the yellow airplanes and monkeys and these six! Geckos and Traffic on light and dark blue. I think they came out great!

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